Wikimania 2006/Official requirements for potential host cities

This page lists the official requirements that cities hoping to host Wikimania in 2006 should fulfill in order to be shortlisted. If you want to propose a city, please fill in the required fields below. Applications should be in by September 30th. You can request clarifications on the talk page. A shortlist of around three cities (depending on application quality) will be settled by October 2nd 2005. From there, cities will have about two weeks to complete their application and answer the jury's questions. The final city will be decided on October 15th.

For more general information and brainstorming about Wikimania next year, see Wikimania 2006/Planning.

Draft application edit

Please copy and paste this template for a city application into a page titled "[[Wikimania 2006/xxx]]", where xx is the name of the city. This page lists the basic requirements for an application, but is in no way exhaustive, you may add to your application all information you feel should be brought to the attention of the jury.

City details edit

  • Country:
  • City proposed: please add your proposal at [[Wikimania 2006/name of city]]
  • Proposed dates (e.g., Friday to Sunday, with possibility of arriving on the Thursday night and leaving on Monday morning):
  • Contact person(s):

Conference venue edit

  • brief description of venue (room sizes, number of rooms etc.)
  1. Main hall:
  2. Seminar rooms:
  3. Lounge facilities:
  4. Other rooms (organisation, staff, speakers, interviews/press, storage):
  • contacts with conference venue (emails, price quotes etc.)
  • Technical facilities
    • Existing technical installations
(on site Audio-visual...)
    • Wireless Network implementation
(existing? to be built? easiness of implementation?)

Transportation edit

  • Distance from international airport(s):
  • Distance from mainline station(s):
  • Estimation of travel costs from all continents
  • Distance from most accommodations

Accommodation edit

  • Location of main accommodation facilities
(on site, off site, how far from conference venue...)
  • Room details and price range
dorms, B&B, Hotel..
  • Catering (one meal a day)
Where do we eat, how much it costs
  • contacts with accommodation partner(s)
(emails, price quotes etc.)

Local sponsorship opportunities edit

Possibility of local sponsorships

  • Contacts
(no name needed, just "company X, 4000 USD or will provide 300 beds)

Local team edit

(names and what they can help with)

Miscellaneous edit

Anything you feel should be brought to the attention of the jury.

Self-evaluation edit

  • Weaknesses of the proposed location ...and how to overcome those weaknesses
  1. Weakness 1
    Solution 1
  2. Weakness 2
    Solution 2
  • Strengths of the proposed location
  1. Strength 1
  2. Strength 2

Bids edit

Accepted bids edit

Approved on IRC, on Oct. 2

  1. Wikimania 2006/Toronto
  2. Wikimania 2006/Boston

Official bids edit

These bids are were official proposals, presented with the Accepted Bids on IRC.

  1. Wikimania 2006/Milano
  2. Wikimania 2006/London

Unofficial edit

  1. Wikimania 2006/Cleveland
  2. Wikimania 2006/UK bid
  3. Wikimania 2006/Romanian bid
  4. [[Wikimania 2006/xxx]]