This page is part of the Proceedings of Wikimania 2005, Frankfurt, Germany.

Workshop - Copyright on Wikipedia edit

  • Leader(s): Jean-Baptiste Soufron and Enrique Chaparro
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  • Language: English
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About the leader(s): Jean-Baptiste Soufron is a French PhD student in law with a specialisation with intellectual property. Enrique Chaparro is a mathematician specialising in computer security and cryptography, working as a consultant for several international organisations and free-software legislative initiatives, as well as speaking on the technical and philosophical issues related to free-software.

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Abstract edit

This workshop should be very technical and precise ; very practical and user-oriented.

For example, it would be great to address the fact that many admins and Wikipedians answer copyright violation complaints without any clue about what to say or what to do. In the best cases, they already got informed themselves one way or another, but it would be very important to explain the way to react when people receive a copyright violation complaint, etc.

Also we'll get some help from Olivier Hugot of juriwiki-l who told me he would also attend the workshop. He is both a US and a french Lawyer and he will be of great help to us to address international issues.

I am now beginning to get great people together so we can have a great workshop on what can be considered as one of the main problems of wikiprojects today (at least the one I am spending most of my time on). We already have incredible individuals on juriwiki-l and I will invite them to participate.

Just feel free to put me in touch with anybody else who might be interested.

Also let me know what kind of deliverables would be interesting to produce. For example, something like a copyright guide for Wikipedians would be an amazing tool to give to the community.

Participants edit

  • Jean-Baptiste Soufron
  • Yann Forget
  • Olivier Hugot
  • Enrique A. Chaparro
  • ...