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Panels and Series

MediaWiki and the Semantic Web (moderated by Patrick Danowski)

Wikimedia in the Developing World (moderated by ???)

The Politics of Wikimedia (moderated by Andrew Lih)

Wikis and Global Voices (moderated by Achal Prabhala)

Dictionaries (moderated by Erik Moeller)

  • Rodrigo Vergara
  • Gerad Meijssen

Technical Infrastructure (moderated by Domas Mituzas)

  • Domas Mituzas: Wikidown, wikiup and wiki future: running the hyper wiki
  • Brion Vibber: Embedding MediaWiki in Applications
  • Janne Jalkanen: DavWiki - the next stop of WikiRPC-Interfaces?

Education (moderated by Danny Wo)

  • Salvor Gissurardottir: Education with wikis
  • Roland Burger: Long-term sustainable development


  • Cormac Lawler: Wikipedia as a learning community: content, conflict and the ‘common good’
  • Andreas Brand: Comparing WP with other open source projects


  • Boudewjin Roukema: NPOV and meme evolution
  • Tsila Hassine: NPOV disputes dynamics

Collaboration with libraries (moderated by Jakob Voss)

  • Christina Hengel & Barbara Pfeifer: Linking to Library of Congress and OCLC records
  • Ronald Beelaard: On Searching in Libraries

Presentations without series/panels

Friday 9:30

Friday 14:30

  • Revo Arko Soekatno: The Indonesian language Wikipedia

Saturday 9:30

  • Erik Moeller: Wikimania05/Presentation-EM1
  • Wolfgang Georgsdorf:
  • Andreas Brändle:
  • Tsahi Hayat (?)
  • Douwe Osinga: Getting paid to write free content

Saturday 14:30

  • Eugene Kim
  • Tim Starling
  • Russell Buckley: Extending Wikipedia into the Physical World
  • Limor Garcia: Cellphedia inspirations and future
  • Jama Poulsen: Wikicompany: a global business platform
  • Jan Ulrich Hasecke: Wikitution – The Constitution for Europe
  • Phoebe Ayers: The Information behaviour of Wikipedia users
  • Cathy Ma: Anonymous users as good users

Sunday 9:30

  • Sunir Shah
  • Killian Kissling
  • Stefan Magdalinski (canceled)
  • Jan-Bart de Vreede: Wiki in Dutch Education

Sunday 14:30

  • Lambert Heller: Scientific publishing via wiki
  • Marco Prestipino: Creating knowledge in virtual communities
  • Jens Kammann: Geo-coding articles and images