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Ten Things That Will Be Free Edit

  • Author(s): Jimmy Wales
  • License: GFDL and CC-BY
  • Language: English
  • Slides: pdf
  • Video: 1:07:51
  • Note: Keynote

About the author(s): Jimmy Wales is an Internet entrepreneur and a wiki enthusiast, best known for founding Wikipedia. He is Wikimedia Foundation's founder, President and Chair of the Board.

Abstract: Wales discusses his views on the future of the free content movement, detailing ten important things which will be free in the next decade.

Outline Edit

Jimbo’s Problems: A Free Culture Manifesto

10 Problems Edit

  1. Free the Encyclopedia!
  2. Free the Dictionary!
  3. Free the Curriculum!
  4. Free the Music!
  5. Free the Art!
  6. Free the File Formats!
  7. Free the Maps!
  8. Free the Product Identifiers!
  9. Free the TV Listings
  10. Free the Communities!