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The Wikimédiens Users Group Septentrion is a Wikimedia user group of Benineses from the north part of the country. We are interested in organizing and participating in outreach activities on national level including GLAM and mostly Education initiatives. Members of WUGS have been active for quite some time already participating and co-organizing among others many educational partnerships workshops and edit-a-thons. The Wikimédiens Users Group Septentrion aims at the organization and representation of the Beninese north community as well as the promotion and participation on projects that the Wikimedia Foundation keeps.


  1. Develop a strategy for outreach activities in north Bénin and successful implementation of the strategy;
  2. Develop and establish a Wiki Education program in Benin in general and the north in particular;
  3. Improve quality and number of articles and other content in french language in Wikimedia projects;
  4. Improve quality and number of content about North Benin culture and tradition in other languages in Wikimedia projects, including projects like Commons and Wikidata;
  5. Collaborate with other Wikimedia user groups and chapters, other free culture groups in Benin and the region.
  6. Develop two (2) incubators for Dendi and Bariba Dialects


Edit-a-thons for Wikipedia

Promote contents editions on Wikimedia projects

Trainings and Edit-a-thons on how to edit and improve Wikimedia projects in north Benin schools and universities

Organizing wikimeetups

Organizing article contests and thematic weeks about topics related african cultures and traditions

Organizing wiki-excursions and another events for establishments relationship between community and cultural institutions based in north Bénin.


We are a team of self-motivated individuals who improve articles on Wikimedia Foundation projects and promote free and open access to knowledge in the north part of the country. We are also invested in projects that sensitize and train communities about Wikipedia.

Ross.Patrick Has already organise two educational activities : meta and wikipedia


Nom & Prénom User Name Contributions Title in WUGS
Ross Patrick Azogbonon Ross.Patrick Global account information Head and founding member of WUGS
Saliou ABDOU saliousoft Global account information Secretary and founding member of WUGS
Christiane Victoire Kiki Victoire Chris Global account information Assistant treasurer and founding member of WUGS
Constant Azogbonon Azogbonon Global account information Treasurer and founding member of WUGS

Interested in participatingEdit

Nom & Prénom User Name Contributions
Sohouenou Codjo Robert Sohouenou Global account information
Alidou Aboubakar Alidouab Global account information
Dossou Brice Dossoub Global account information
Hounlomè Albérick Hounlomè Global account information
Ayena Auriol Maurel Ayenam Global account information
Rukéiyat Sanni Alaza Rukéiyat Global account information
Iyabo Monique Iyabom Global account information
Elegbede Afissou Elegbea Global account information
Ahissou Narcisse Ahissoun Global account information
Fatima Zare Fatimacebelae Global account information
Tokou Delon Narcisse Tokoun Global account information
Mahouna Vicentia Mahounav Global account information
Djibiti Marceline Djibiti Global account information
Gnon Bèrmè Isadora GnonB Global account information
Alimi Mansourath Alimiman Global account information
Mary Okechukwu Marycebelae Global account information
Zeynab Lahatan Zeinabcebelae Global account information
Precious Jeremiah Preciouscebelae Global account information
Yaya Choukourath Sanniyaya Global account information

Contact informationEdit

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