Wikilists should be a mutli-lingual wiki with the purpose of collecting lists of things. Often times during research I wish there existed such a reliable source of information here on the interweb.

Possible UseEdit

There are countless ways in which a collective of lists linking to articles on their subject could aid a person in achieving whatever goal it is they may have.

A list of confirmed bipolar notables and a list of songs about being bipolar would assist one in writing a thesis on the topic of bipolar creativity; or, perhaps, that same list of songs could assist a bipolar adolescent in comforting himself during a depressive episode. Or, perhaps, a list of mods for a specific computer game could assist a gamer in his search for a recreational past time that he enjoys. Or, perhaps, a list of religions practiced around the world could assist one in a spiritual quest. Or, perhaps, a list of science fiction writers could bring inspiration to an aspiring novelist. Or, perhaps a list of methods of acting could bring a struggling acting student to that grade she needs to bring her GPA up.

Example articlesEdit

There are plenty of examples on wikipedia, including my noted examples above. It is my belief that all such articles on wikipedia should then be transwikied onto wikilists.

w:Category:Lists - an incomplete listing of all lists on wikipedia

About the proposerEdit

Hi, i'm Jmax-, known on IRC as Jmax. It is my goal to improve wikipedia and related projects the best i can. I have worked to remove pointless articles and fixed grammatical errors as I have seen them. If you'd like ot leave me a message, please do so on my talk page Jmax- 23:27, 17 November 2005 (UTC)