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The following request for comments is closed. You may discuss about this proposal on the talk page.

English: Proposal: That we as the Wikimedia community ask the Wikimedia Foundation to approve and host Wikikids as a sister project: a Wikipedia-like encyclopedia suitable to children. The project would consist of adopting, possibly with their content and communities and allow new languages of Wikikids to start.

Please be sure to read about Wikikids, its subpages and Talk:Wikikids for more background on this proposal: Wikikids/Basic principles ° Wikikids/For children or by children ? ° Wikikids/Questions and answers ° Wikikids/Review of current existing wikis akin to Wikikids ° Wikikids/Relation to Simple English Wikipedia ° Wikikids/Relation to the Rights of the Child

Note that as a "Adopting an existing project into Wikimedia" process, this proposal is similar to Wikivoyage's which stands as an precedent to it.



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