Wikigraphists Bootcamp (2018 India)/Participation/Indrajitdas


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Video Documentation


Please tell us what you've learned, and how you are going to use these skills in future.

  • I have been there for video documentation, it was my primary role. There were three online sessions prior to this event and I edited those online videos.
  • During remastered the videos I had to see those videos thoroughly and from there I got interested in Inscape.
  • But I did not use Inkscape before this event. I must thank Mahesh and Shyamal for their help and constant support that made me create SVG during the event.


Please list files that you've created as a part of this event. If you've created more than five, please list the top five images, that you consider as the best. You can add a specific category if you wish.
Also please link any requests from the Graphic Lab that you've worked on.


  • What worked well?
  • Every session were nicely managed.
  • What didn't work well?
  • Nothing as specific.
  • What do you think could have been done better?
  • At least the expertise of Mahesh could be used more and could be as a single session. Otherwise, it was a fantastic event.

Anything elseEdit

  • My role was to video documenting the entire event but it was not organised in terms of types of equipment like Camera and sound. But trying to manage those gaps as possible as I can in post-production. But I have learned from this event that I have to do more sincere plans before any future events.