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Wikiforum is a basic forum extension for Mediawiki 1.4. It emulates basic forum features using Wiki system.


1.0.6 RC

Date? When was this project last developed?

You cannot test it at: because the site is down.

Anyone know where you can test it?

Request for installation on Wikimedia's projectsEdit


  1. Download the sourcecode from the CVS repository or SVN
  2. Install Mediawiki 1.4 beta3.
  3. Get sources from CVS.
  4. Add require_once( "<wikiforum_install_folder>/wikiforum.php" ); to your "LocalSettings.php"
  5. Add define('NS_THREAD', 110); to your "LocalSettings.php" file. The number 110 can be any available number above 100. Omitting this line will cause the forum system to display all articles in the main namespace instead of the thread namespace.


You can change few values of wikiforum:

// Set the total number of threads

// Set the total number of full included threads    

// Set the maximum length of summary into threads table  


Here is the default language texts. Please don't correct English here but in the Wikiforum/Translation/EN sub page.


"Thread"          => "Thread", // thread's namespace
"ThreadTalk"      => "Thread_talk", // thread talk namespace (will disappear)
"ThreadName"      => "Name", // table header - name
"ThreadView"      => "View", // table header - view number
"ThreadUser"      => "Last user", // table header - last edit user
"ThreadComment"   => "Last comment", // table header - last edit comment 
"ThreadTime"      => "Time", // table header - last edit time
"ThreadEdit"      => "edit", // edit a thread
"ThreadCreate"    => "Create a new thread", //
"ThreadAll"       => "View all threads", //
"ThreadLastest"   => "$1 lastest threads", // 
"ThreadIncluded"  => "$1 included threads", // only in case of separate tables for listed/included threads
"ThreadNew"       => "New thread", // thread creation comment
"ThreadTitle"     => "Thread title", // create thread page - title
"ThreadOpen"      => "Open thread", // create thread page - open
"ThreadExist"     => "This thread already exist, please chose an other name!", // create thread page - error message
"ThreadInvalid"   => "This thread title is invalid, please chose an other name!", // create thread page - error message
"ThreadSHAlt"     => "Show/Hide", // thread show/hide bouton 'alt' text
"ThreadSHTip"     => "Click here to show or hide this thread content", // thread show/hide bouton 'title' text (tip)


Known problemsEdit

Please list here only problem regarding performance, security and bugged feature.

  1. It doesn't check for read-only mode
  2. It doesn't check if the user is blocked
  3. It doesn't check whitelist-edit mode
  4. It doesn't check content against the spam blacklist or filter callback
  5. The user's selected language is ignored
  6. The messages aren't customizable through the MediaWiki: interface.
  7. Edit comments are cut off manually at a byte offset, which could break UTF-8 characters. Instead, use $wgContLang->truncate() or show the complete comment.
  8. CSS and JS problems sith MSIE.

Todo listEdit

  1. When a thread with the title already exists, add a link to the existing thread to the warning
  2. Add a link at the top of thread pages to return to forum
  3. Remove thread talk pages


Copyright 2004 Guillaume Blanchard under free GNU General Public License.