Wikificator is JavaScript Mediawiki extension, that converts XHTML to wikitext. You can try beta here. Wikificator is based on the ru:Википедия:Викификатор script from Russian wikipedia.

Main featuresEdit

  • HTML to wikitext convertion:
    • Replaces bold tags (<b></b>, <strong></strong>) with ''';
    • Replaces italics (<i></i>, <em></em>) with '';
    • Replaces horizontal line (<hr>) with ----;
    • Processes tables including caption, rows and cells with attributes
    • Processes lists of all types and hadles nesting (with some limitations)


Wikificator doesn't process text:

  • between <nowiki></nowiki> tags,
  • between <math></math> tags,
  • between <pre></pre> tags,
  • between <gallery></gallery> tags,
  • within the majority of HTML-tags and their attributes,
  • within double curly braces ({{ }}),
  • within double square brackets ([[ and ]], or [[ and |),
  • besides, Wikifikator doesn't process lines starting with space (non-formated text).

Typographical and localizational features for Russian language released! Other translations coming soon! Last update: --Shtriter 20:53, 6 July 2006 (UTC)[]