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Installing Wikibase on Wikiquote and allowing structured data on this sister project may have lots of advantages. However, there is also lots of work to do in the software to support all features needed for this proposal. The needed items are listed below.

New entity type


We will need a new entity type Quotation. This entity type will contain:

  • an entity id (prefixed by C for citation or Z for Zitat, eg. C42 or Z31)
  • statements including qualifiers and references
  • create a new namespace (eg. Quotation:) to keep the current article pages



Additionally, several datatypes have to be created to allow storing quotations:

  • monolingual text to store the quotation in its original language
  • multilingual text to store the translations of this quotation

There are some problems with the current implementation as it limits the text which can be stored in this datatypes to a specific number of characters. For quotations we might have to extend this limit.

Linking of repositories


We have to be able to connect the Wikidata repository and the Wikiquote repository for the following reasons:

  • use the properties provided by Wikidata rather than create new ones on Wikiquote to achieve a standard vocabulary among all projects
  • use the items on Wikidata as values for statements to use the information stored on Wikidata



If we wanted to generate the author and topic articles on Wikiquote automatically, we would need query support in Wikibase:

  • embeddable queries to give a list of all quotations by an author or about a topic
    • if there are lots of quotations by an author, split them up by several queries and sort them by topic
    • if there are lots of quotations about a topic, split them up by several queries and sort them by century/author/country



Transclude quotations and their translation on Wikipedia automatically on author or topic pages:

  • a transclusion syntax like {{#quote:C42}} might work
  • some lua modules like done for items
  • embed queries in Wikipedia from Wikiquote

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