Wikidata/Development/Howto Bugreport

How to report a bug in Wikidata

  • Go to and create an account, then sign in.
  • Click "Enter a new bug" in the sidebar on the left side.
  • A page will appear: "First, you must pick a product on which to enter a bug". Select MediaWiki extensions.
  • Next, you'll have to choose a "component". If you encountered the bug on wikidata-test-repo or if you are unsure, select "WikidataRepo". If the bug occurred on wikidata-test-client, select “WikidataClient”.
  • In the "version" field you probably mean "master" if you found the bug on our demo servers. You can leave the version "unspecified" if you are not sure.
  • The last required field is the summary of the bug.
  • For debugging, it is very useful to know a bit more about what you did when the bug occurred, so you might want to enter a description, your Hardware and operating system. You can also upload a screenshot. (If you want to upload more than one attachment, you'll have to submit the report first, then edit it to add another attachment.)
  • Click "Submit bug"!

Thank you for your help to improve Wikidata! You will get status updates via e-mail.