Wikidata/Development/Definition of Done

This document is still in draft mode.

In order for an item to be accepted as done, the following requirements need to be fulfilled:

  • Reviewed by a second pair of eyes
  • Merged into master
  • No known critical bugs
  • Fully internationalized
  • Localized for English and qqq (i.e. all i18n strings are documented)
  • Works for RTL languages
  • Error messages and exceptions
  • A reasonable amount of tests exist. They all pass.
  • User documented (if required)
  • Source code is sufficiently documented (for doxygen et al)
  • Installation guide
  • Works with different skins
  • Cross-browser

Regarding skins:

  • Javascript UI works with Vector but does not break the other skins
  • The other skins may fall back to the Javascript-less UI

Regarding cross-browser:

  • For now we go for the recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, and IE.
  • Eventually, see compatibility chart for MediaWiki. Not all features of the Javascript-UI have to run on all browsers though (especially IE6), but the functionality has to be available through the Javascript-less UI later. This is targeted as soon as we have the Selenium swarm set up working.