On many wikis, interwikis can be associated to an icon when they are "special": typically, when they link to featured articles (or good articles). Traditionally, icons have been added with the Link FA template powered by a LinkFA JavaScript function in MediaWiki:Common.js.

proposed edit interface for badges
badges in action

Future edit

bugzilla:40810 will allow to power this feature with MediaWiki itself, via Wikidata: see d:Wikidata:Development plan#Badges.

December 2013 edit

In December 2013 the syntax used by LinkFA has been removed. The code used before needs to be replaced or won't do anything, see an up to date example.

Wikis using badges edit

These are the wikis known to use this feature. Please add yours if not listed.

Wikibooks edit

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Wikinews edit

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Wikiquote edit

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Wikisource edit

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Wikiversity edit

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Wikivoyage edit

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Wikipedia edit

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Wiktionary edit

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Requests for different icons edit

If your wiki wants to use different icons than the default ones, please add it here together with the icons on Commons. This is to determine which icons are used on lots of wikis so we can see which icons should be supported by the software.
Example: * enwiki: good article [[:File:Good article.png]], featured article [[:File:Featured article.png]].

Notes edit

  1. a b c d e f g h This wiki imports the JS code from w:en:MediaWiki:Gadget-featured-articles-links.js