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documentation of workflows for the ingestion of bibliographic data into Wikidata

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The Hague, the Netherlands

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The projects documents possible workflows for the ingestion of bibliographic data into Wikidata in an easily comprehensible way. It will be based on the workflow employed by the African Studies Centre Leiden. The ASC Library uses different workflows for ingesting bibliographic data into Wikidata depending on the material type. The library adds journal articles (from the Internet and the library catalogue) via Zotero and QuickStatements and books (from the library catalogue) via OpenRefine and QuickStatements. See f.e. the titles on Somali literature, the publications in the African Studies Collection series, or articles published in the Lagos historical review. The ASCL workflow is applicable and replicable by other institutions as its constituents (f.e. bibliographic records in MARC 21) are used in many libraries. The documentation will be freely licensed.

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Information specialist working at the library of the African Studies Centre in Leiden and contributing to WikiCite since 2018.

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3 days in November and December 2020

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