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French Documentation for Wikicite Codes

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Kisangani, CD.

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I've noticed that most of Wikicite projects are only available in English. As a meetup and hackathon organizer, I really know the importance of having well-written documentation for developers. Being from a french-speaking country, I know how difficult it is for friends to join OSS. In this project, I want to help them get started without any language difficulty with Wikicite code. I want to provide complete french documentation for **Scholia** and **Citation.js**, Wikicite tools I know and I use.

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My translation work

  • I volunteer with Framasoft in the Framalang group to translate English OSS posts. We publish our work on this blog.
  • I've participated in the French translation of "Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software". You can find the French book here
  • I've contributed words to Wikimania 2020 page
  • I helped the DRC delegation in Uganda for the East Africa Strategic Summit for Wikimedia 2030 for the French translation of the conference.

Let me know if you need more references.

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Jan 4 - 7, 2021.

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Report edit

My translation work went well following the scope of my project. You can find the links here for the first project and here for the last one.