Wikicamp Nepal 2018/Participation/Sandeep Raut

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Volunteer Member


I am very privileged and profoundly honored for being invited to Wikicamp Nepal 2018 as a Volunteer Member. It was a great learning experience there. I learnt the following things:

  • During Workshop session, I learnt to work in teams
  • I learnt about the diverse culture during the event from people coming from different backgrounds
  • I learnt about the wide use of Wikipedia
  • I learnt to be motivated while editing on Wikipedia
  • I learnt about gender gap, category maintenance
  • I learnt about the things to be considered while organizing any event

I am going to organize outreach program in Biratnagar soon. The literacy about Wikipedia is very low so I will try to increase the awareness about Wikipedia. I will also use the network made during the event for betterment of Wikipedia. I will also teach my friends and family about this.


  • What worked well?
The logistics of the program was well managed. From Yoga sessions to food, to cultural night, everything went well. The hotel rooms were very good. The participants showed friendly behavior and were ready to help in anything.
  • What didn't work well?
I didn't find any. Everything was well managed.
  • What do you think could have been done better?
The wifi connectivity could have been better. Also, the electricity fluctuations could have been eliminated.

Anything elseEdit

Wikicamp Nepal 2018 cultural tour to Janaki Mandir

I have thought of organizing WEP in Biratnagar.