Wikicamp Nepal 2018/Participation/Nirajan pant

Thanks for your participation!

Scholarship committee Member
Program committee Member


Please tell us what you've learned, and how you are going to use these skills in future.

The program happened first time in such a large scale in Nepal where the Wikimedians from all over the Nepal were participated. The participants representing different wiki projects and Wikipedias of various languages shared their ideas and experiences on a common desk. This helped to understand the best practices in other Wikis. It also helped to broaden the network among the Wikimedians to make the community more stronger.

I learn about how to work in a team to make an event successful. Though the Yoga session is not related to any of the Wikiproject it was a great session for the refreshment, I enjoyed it a lot.

In the future, I will implement "what I learn" to make better contributions to the wiki projects (not only to my home wiki).


  • What worked well?
Being a member of Scholarship and Program committee member it was a great experience. In conclusion, the event was very good in content and I hope it is successful to meet the targets what we have settled while planning for it.
  • What didn't work well?
Everything was fine. But because of the tight schedule we have to cancel some of the scheduled sessions which makes me worried about time management. Hopefully, next time we can manage those things.
  • What do you think could have been done better?
The technical sessions.

Anything elseEdit

Nothing at all.