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Please tell us what you've learned, and how you are going to use these skills in future.

For me, Participating as a Resource Person, having focused on motivating young Wikimedians for outreach activities, first of all the camp gave me a unique platform to interact with young Wikimedians from Nepal (a different country) and this gave me a new perspective on how to interact with young Wikimedians or what to expect while trying to motivate Wikipedian from a different country. In this perspective, although India and Nepal practically share the same culture and expectations when it comes to the youth, but this camp helped me learn some minor details to improve my interaction with people of that part of the world and this would help me a lot with future events in Nepal. Secondly, there were some uniquely interesting sessions at the camp, which helped me gain new knowledge and skills I would especially mention the sessions on Pywikibot, the session on Commons Lincenses and the session on Community evolution, organization framework and leadership specially helped me know a lot about the evolution of Wiki community in Nepal and the history of Nepali and Maithili Wikipedias, which was important information to help me know the respective communities better and gave me a better perspective and knowledge for any future interactions or discussions regarding the issues faced by these communities since I am also a contributor on Maithili Wikipedia and am interested in any community building activities in Maithili in India. The combined sessions on Gender Gap were of special interest to me as well, and I would like to Highlight that since I am the primary Organiser of the Wikisammelan 2019 (Hindi Wikiconference) to be held from 1st to 3rd Feb, that session immediately intrigued me to reorganise my team and include female wikipedians in my organising team. Also, I learned the basics of increasing depth in Wikipedia in a one-on-one Interaction with @Anup Sadi:. Thirdly, I found the conference to be extremely well-organised and well-planned as compared to other conferences I had attended. By my interactions with the organisers of the conference (esp. @Biplab Anand, PANKAJ DEO, Zeetendra, and Bijay chaurasia: ji) I gained a lot of knowledge on how to successfully plan and organise an event of such scale in a smooth way, and the difficulties and challenges they had faced to organise this event, many elements of which I have tried to adopt in the Hindi Conference I am organising. Last but not the least, it was a great event to for me to make lots of wikifriends from Nepal, Bangladesh and India as well. Such relationships, I feel, are crucial and important for the future of the Wikimedia movement and to keep the spirit of the Wikimedia movement alive and shining.


  • What worked well?
The back end planning and the presence of a dedicated volunteer team with all the necessary equipment and support was crucial in the success of the conference in part of the organisers. The sessions were well scheduled with necessary breaks. The organisers did there best to provide transportation with volunteers at necessary points, and that was especially helpful and impressive.
  • What didn't work well?
There was a delay in schedule on day 0 during arrival of the participants due to a roadblock on the Highway, but that's not on the part of the organisers. Also, although apt provisions were made for internet connectivity, yet the wifi at the hotel slowed down very often, possibly due to heavy traffic in individual routers
  • What do you think could have been done better?
Wifi access could be improved, possibly by providing more wifi points with better capacity

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I would like to thank the Scholarship committee and the Conference program team for inviting me and accepting my presentation. Also, I would like to appretiate the organisers for successfully organising an event of such scale with apt provisions for all necessary requirements. The expertise, hardwork and dedication of the organisers for extremely small and emerging communities like Maithili, Nepali, Doteli, Newar, Marwari, Awadhi and Santhali is truly commendable and crutial for their growth and for the Wikimedia movement at large. Please let me know if I could help in any future events. Things I learned at the event were of great help to me for organising the Wiki Conference for my home community (Hindi Wikipedia) and will be helpful for any other future events I organise.

Here are some of the pics of the events: