Wikicamp Nepal 2018/Participation/Ganesh Paudel

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Participant, Resource Person


I learned many things in the conference. Indeed this was a big opportunity to meet many other wikimedians from various language wikipedia and various projects. We could have many sideline discussions and informal talks from which I could understand some problem we are facing. Overall I could get a big lesson to figure out where we are and what should be done for better result. In technical sessions we could learn some practical knowledge to work with various wikimedia projects.


I was a participant as well as a resource person for a session.

My presentation topic was "Community evolution, organization framework and leadership: From perspective of Nepalese Wikimedia Movement evolution process" I hope I could give a glimpse on the historical growth of Wikimedia community in Nepal, current situation and opportunity of leading the movement further. I have mentioned about the possible organizational framework we can work with. I hope, by participating in the discussion participants could understand the situation and have made mind for further drive.

In sessions, Panel Discussions and other deliberations as well we could discuss about many issues we have been facing in many wikimedia projects. We could discuss to find ways to coop with those situations. We also tried to make some concept clear to the emerging contributors.

  • What worked well?

All participants participated actively in the discussions. Organizers, Resource persons, facilitators and volunteers worked hard to coordinate every steps of the event.

  • What didn't work well?
Some sessions overshoot time causing hamper to other sessions. I think we can learn to plan further sessions.

Participants felt that technical sessions were inadequate as per their requirements to move forward. I saw many participants trying to learn something from experience contributors

  • What do you think could have been done better?
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We can improve the timekeeping of the sessions.

Anything elseEdit

This was the first National level conference of Wikipedia in Nepal. The event was well organized. Food and accommodation was excellent. Location was good, anyone could easily reach to the venue. Volunteers were well coordinated and very much helpful to support. I appreciate the hard work done by the organizers.

Organizing a new event is a big thing. We can make this large when we will be able to continue similar program. We have committed to have continuity of this event in a regular interval (maybe every year or every alternate year have to discuss).

Photos that you put on Commons are also appreciated! (Images related to the event)
Also do if mention if you're interested to organize a local training event or workshop for your home communities in the near future.
Please also feel free to share any other feedback, information, or thoughts with us in this optional section. Thanks for participating!
I hope I will continue conducting outreach and education activities.