Wikicamp Nepal 2018/Participation/Anisha Maharjan

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The wikicampnepal2018 went very well. Though the session was organized for the first time, the team members and volunteers were very formal and professional. The overall hospitality was beyond expectations. Talking about the program, the programs and sessions were very knowledge gaining. I learned many of the things I never knew before such as the conditions of ladies participation in our country, the cultural importance, the importance of my mother tongue, I realized how wiki gave the opportunity to save our language and our heritage through different offline and online programs. Except this, I got different technical knowledge such as implementing wiki bot, team working and Wikipedia incubation as well. I would surely implement the pieces of knowledge gained in the session in future in the wiki or other programs I visit in life.


  • What worked well?
All sessions and volunteers and team members efforts worked very well in making the program successful.
  • What didn't work well?
Some issues arose due to lack of timing but they were truly negligible
  • What do you think could have been done better?
Everything was good according to the place and situation.

Anything elseEdit

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Also do if mention if you're interested to organise a local training event or workshop for your home communities in the near future.
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