Wikicamp Nepal 2018/Participation/सृजना

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Resource Person, Participant



During the conference I learned many things. I came to know about Santhali wikipedia and santhali community in Nepal. I was very impressed and excited to discuss with Wikimedians from different language, Geography. By these discussions we could understand not only the situation and problems of different wiki community and project but also share idea to solve the problem. We also discussed about possible collaboration in future.

Technically I have learned to manage category Now , I am educating people in my touch about wikipedia, mentoring people. I am making plan to conduct outreach to increase Santhali wiki community in Nepal



I was resource person. I have presented a paper on Gender and Outreach. I was partnered with a Wikimedian fron India Sushma. On which we gave a glimpse of current situation of women issues and contribution as well. We also discussed about how to coop with the situation.

  • What worked well?
Wikicamp Nepal was conducted very well. All things were done well.Program run in friendly environment. Hospitality was highly appreciable. Space was sufficient foods were compatible and hygienic. AS a woman ,I should say that the conference was women’s friendly.

I went to the conference with my baby (4 years old). The entire team and all participants took care of her. There was no any inconvenience. We had family environment. We got help and support from the hotel staff as wewll. My baby enjoyed the child friendly environment. I especially appreciate the organizers for this.

  • What didn't work well?
Beside some technical problems like power cut etc., things went very well. Some sessions took few more time than estimated.
  • What do you think could have been done better?
Time keeping

Anything else


Photos that you put on Commons are also appreciated! (Images related to the event)
Also do if mention if you're interested to organise a local training event or workshop for your home communities in the near future.
Yes I am interested to organize events in future.
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