Wikicamp-2017 (Belarus)

Description of an idea


There is an idea to implement 7-10 days Wikicamp (mid of July’2017) in order to provide for new but most active wikimedians (around 15-20 people) further knowledge for enforcing technical/organizational potential of belarusian wikimedia user group in online as well as offline work.

Prehistory. Last years we actively made workshops, training and expeditions for providing essential knowledge about wikipedia’s premises and participation in the community life in different regions of Belarus. This year, on the one hand, we would like to gather the most active participators from the workshops (who continue to contribute in the wikimedia projects after) to invite in the Wikicamp. On the other hand, we invite experienced wikimedians (around 5 people) for sharing their knowledge for newcomers and discus about self-governance in the community.

Topics: The rally will reveal and develop next topics: how to write good articles, to create templates and handle bots, how to organize self-governance in the wikimedian community offline and online, how to make workshops or contests, what is free culture and what opportunities give wiki-technologies for small languages.

Multiplication of experience: After camp (during autumn 2017) we want that participants make commitments to organize wiki-clubs, workshops or contest in their regions (mostly the participants are from small towns). And we would like not only follow up but to support them with small grants for gifts and swag.