Technical needs are not needed as much for this project, however, there are a few things that should be created for a facile experience. The tech will be less complex than that of other wiki's and will be extracted from media wiki for now, just to set an example. If you have anything to suggest, please ping the proposing user on the Discussion page. All Technical requirements will be listed as 'TR' with specific attributes.


These are a few tools that might help to create a smooth user experience in the wiki, some software has already been tested to function properly while others have not been that successful. However, this is just to get a clear perspective of how the wiki going to operate. Tools can be created later, as this would be an article based wikiproject. Volunteers for programming can leave their names in the discussion, it would be really appreciated if a few would volunteer. Suggestions are open.


  • This is the direct message requirement. It would be more of a Wikipedia help tag [1], which would create a background for further questioning. When a user has concerns regarding an article, he could simply press on a button and ask his question on the talk page. The button should be tagged with an automatic template application which would appear on the editing page automatically once the button is pressed. This will allow users in doubt to communicate live with another user regarding a certain article.

The templates that will automatically appear will help users notice the question and answer swiftly, just like the {{help me}}, the question will be categorized into a special page in which it would be more visible. The direct message tag can easily be represented by the tourist office of wikivoyage.


  • Verifiability pass
To verify the information, references are required, a tool has been developed in media wiki for such a purpose.

A verifiability pass would gain trust.
This tool has lead website reliability to new levels.


  • Template preparation
  • this project requires a wide selection of templates. Half of them exist in sister projects such as WIkiVoyage and Wikipedia. A few new templates will have to be created on behalf of the new additions such as direct message.Template creation can also be done by users. Another proposal which would prove extremely useful is Wikitemplates which is a template repository making them usable for many Wikimedia projects.


This suggests a Siri like service to answer small questions such as what is the longest river in the world or who invented the light bulb. Both examples are working demos by the wmflabs, each was created by credited individuals as given below.
A Siri like tool in which you can type a question and expect an answer. This tool is not updated, it does not have a database. It speaks just like Siri and that might be a great addition to a Q&A site
Quite similar to the first example, provides answers to a limited amount of questions, it is named as platypus and is left uncredited. You can visit the website for more information.
Similar to the afore mentioned projects, functions perfectly, does not have a voice, but is well organized and built. Check website for more information