Wiki World Heritage User Group/Meeting minutes 20210619

Meeting Information edit

Online meeting on June 19, 2021, 16:00 UTC via Zoom.

Participants edit

Agenda edit

  • By-laws draft & Membership management
  • Updates: Simple Annual Plan Grant
  • Upcoming activities

Discussion edit

By-laws draft & Membership management edit

Feedback: by-laws to be amended following a vote of the members Membership management: use a membership request form instead of subscription on the Meta page Organizing online votes (on Meta or through other platforms) instead of voting during the meetings, as the members belong to different time zones and it's difficult to gather them in one meeting

Simple Annual Plan Grant edit

  • Grant approved
  • 5 programs: Whindanger, Told Cities, WPWP, Capacity Building, Website creation
  • 1 paid role: coordinator for Whindanger project from July to December

Upcoming activities edit

  • WPWP: Participation in Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos contest, starts in July.
  • Told Cities: editathons to be organized locally by the group members, and in collaboration with local affiliates
  • Whindanger: a call for participation will be organized to choose the coordinator, volunteers can directly add their names to the project team, work with 3 partners in countries without affiliates

Other suggestions edit

  • Including Open Street Map in our scope of work: organizing a training session and working on it within Told Cities
  • Fostering coordination with local communities (local guides in World Heritage sites)

Resolutions edit

  • Maintaining the by-laws draft for review for 2 extra weeks before publishing (deadline: 03.07)
  • Organizing the call to choose Whindanger coordinator, the board will choose among the candidates
  • Creating the membership request form
  • Starting to advertize WPWP