Wiki Loves Women Focus Group/SheSaid Nigeria Physical event

Wiki Loves Women Focus Group/SheSaid Campaign Nigeria

Details edit

The event took place on Saturday 23rd October, 2021 at CAVIC Nigeria, 30 Agadez Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja from 1pm-4pm (WAT)

Agenda edit

We followed the agenda below where we first started with

  • Introductions
  • Wiki Loves Women and the Focus Group
  • Wikimedia and You
  • How to edit Wikiquote
  • Add your quotes
  • Feedback
  • Everyone bring someone to the next event

Participants edit

We had over 9 participants in attendance but some left before the end of the event. Those in attendance, both male and female were generally happy about the launch of the campaign and the gender gap issue it's addressing. Below is a list of some of the participants who were in attendance:

Photos edit