Wiki Loves Women/SheSaid/Goethe Institut Collaboration



First Event 

Opening SessionEdit

  • Date: Saturday October 9, 2021
  • Venue: Cheche Bookshop, Nairobi.
  • Time: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

The first session happened on 9th October, 2021 at Cheche Bookshop in Nairobi, Kenya. Being a collaboration with the Goethe Institut, we had a representative present. The aim of this session was to familiarize participants with the campaign and all the Wiki projects in general.



Introduction to Wikipedia and Its objectives, Wikimedia Projects, Wiki Loves Women(Gender Gap and about #SheSaid Campaign, Wikiquotes, Wikicommons.

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Wikimedia ProjectsEdit

Covered: A brief presentation of Wikimedia projects

Introduction to WikipediaEdit

  • The Five Pillars
  • How to make an edit on Wikipedia
  • The structure of a Wikipedia article

Introduction to WikiquotesEdit

Introduction to WikiCommonsEdit

  • What is WikiCommons
  • Rules for uploading images
  • How to upload an images


  • 7 participants out of the expected 10. 4 had previously contributed to Wikipedia while the other 3 had not.
  • One of the managers of the bookshop known as Uba was also in attendance just to get a brief of the campaign.
  • All participants already had Wikipedia accounts.
  • Participants were able to grasp the rules of the Wikimedia projects especially Commons and Wikipedia. They began to familiarize themselves with WikiQuotes as well.
  • 6 prominent Kenya women identified for their Wikipedia articles to be created

Women SuggestedEdit

  1. Field Marshal Muthoni
  2. Dr Ruth Nduati
  3. Aisha Jumwa Karisa Katana
  4. Catherine Kasavuli
  5. Elizabeth Itotia
  6. Emma Miloyo




Follow-up sessions

Follow-up SessionsEdit

After the first event, I proceeded to conduct weekly follow-up sessions in order to track the participants' progress and establish the challenges they faced. All sessions were held on Google Meets.
I noted that a lot of my participants needed a refresher on how to contribute to Wikiquote since it was all their first time interacting with the project. I also noted that the new Wikipedians struggled with the markup language and this was hinderance at the beginning, with some opting not to contribute at all.
The sessions were very fruitful and enlightening; both on my part and that of the participants.

Articles CreatedEdit

  1. Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye (Kenya)
  2. Micere Githae Mugo (Kenya)
  3. Catherine Kasavuli (Kenya)
  4. Nanjala Nyabola (Kenya)
  5. Muthoni Likimani (Kenya)
  6. Effie Owuor (Kenya)
  7. Juliana Rotich (Kenya)
  8. Emma Miloyo (Kenya)
  9. Catherine Nyongesa (Kenya)
  10. Elizabeth Itotia (Kenya)
  11. Muthoni wa Kirima (Kenya)

Wikipedia Articles ImprovedEdit

  1. Emma Miloyo
  2. Mission to Rescue
  3. Beth Wambui Mugo

End of 2021 SheSaid campaignEdit

  • Date: Friday December 3, 2021
  • Venue: The Emory Hotel, Nairobi.
  • Time: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

A closing ceremony was held on 3 December, 2021 ,however, the campaign officially ended on 22 December,2021. I have shared the day's program in the gallery. During this session, there was a brief overview of the campaign.


Items DiscussedEdit

  • What the participants expectations from the campaign were and whether these expectations were met.
  • Personal experiences while taking part in the campaign.
  • What the participants learnt and what challenges they faced.
  • Goals for future campaigns.

We added a few quotes to Wikiquote and then concluded the day with an award ceremony, giveaways and refreshments.

Articles CreatedEdit

  1. Fardosa Ahmed (Kenya)
  2. Shitsama Nyamweya (Kenya)
  3. Beth Wambui Mugo (Kenya)

Top 3 winnersEdit