Wiki Loves Women/Focus Group/SheSaid 2022 Cameroon

There are significant numbers of notable women who have shaped the past of our societies. There are innovative African female business women who help to drive Africa’s many economies (formal and informal). In this regard, the Wiki Loves Women initiative celebrates women leaders with the SheSaid drive. This event is organised in Cameroon with the aim of improving the visibility of African women by creating new entries or editing already existing entries on the English and French Wikiquote.

She Said Campaign quoting Kah Walla
She Said Campaign quoting Kah Walla


  • Participate in the global #SheSaid Campaign
  • Raise awareness about gender gap across Wikimedia projects and the need to bridge it
  • Train new and existing editors on how to create/edit women Wikiquote entries on English and French Wikiquote.

Event plan


The SheSaid drive in Cameroon is scheduled to run from 1st to to 30th December.

  • Edit-a-thon Saturday 03rd December 2022 (10:00 am - 2:00 pm at IFC Douala)
  • Online training Session Tuesday 13th december 2022 (18:00- 19:00)
  • Edit-a-thon Saturday 17th December 2022 at IFC Douala (09:00 - 1:00 pm at IFC Douala) (CANCELED)
  • Online session Tuesday 27th December 2022

Organizing team




Join us


To participate, intending participants are encouraged to attend the physical training to learn how to create or edit entries on Wikiquote. For questions and more details, you can send a message to the organizer via email.



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Articles Created on French Wikiquote

  1. Marie-Félicité Ebokea
  2. Monique Ilboudo
  3. Fabienne Kanor
  4. Margaret Maruani
  5. Coco Mbassi
  6. Khadi Hane
  7. Nafissatou Dia Diouf
  8. Marie Dô
  9. Aminata Zaaria
  10. Rosamund Haden
  11. Marie-Charlotte Mbarga Kouma
  12. Dominique Méda
  13. Osvalde Lewat
  14. Marie Christine Koundja
  15. Jeanne Ngo Maï
  16. Marie Julie Nguetse
  17. Clémentine Ananga Messina
  18. Catherine Samba-Panza
  19. Germaine Ahidjo
  20. Anne-Marie Nzié
  21. Rose Christiane Ossouka Raponda
  22. Sylvie Kinigi
  23. Ananda Devi
  24. Nathacha Appanah
  25. Justine Mintsa
  26. Micheline Coulibaly
  27. Agnès Desarthe
  28. Lydie Dooh Bunya

Articles improved on French Wikiquote

  1. Werewere Liking
  2. Léonora Miano
  3. Elisabeth Tchoungui
  4. Annie Ernaux
  5. Maryse Condé