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Welcome to Wiki Loves Folklore!
(The 2020 iteration of Wiki Loves Love)

To participate as a project (you would need a project page of your own) paste the link in the table beneath. Please note that you have to add your articles to the list of created / expanded articles to be able to participate to the contest, wether as a project or an individual.

SNO. Project Name Country/Local Wikipedia Co-ordinator Dashboard
1 Wiki Loves Women South Asia 2020 South Asia - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka Wikilover90,Sumita Roy Dutta
2 Les sans pagEs Wikiloveslove2020 francophone Wikipedia Nattes à chat
3 Noircir Wikipédia francophone Wikipédia AfricanadeCuba
4 WIkiDonne - Wiki Loves Folklore 2020 Italian Wikipedia Camelia
5 Women in Red English Wikipedia Rosiestep
5 Global Open Initiative English Wikipedia Celestinesucess

Individual participants listEdit

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