Wiki Loves Fashion

Here follows a list of questions and answers.

Q1. Who can participate in the contest?
Wikimedians already registered before September 18th, 2021.
Q2. How to add my participation?
Add your username to the participants' list by creating a new section, your language code and the total number of points. Eq. == [[User:Maria|Maria]] {{it}} - 100 points ==
Q3. Where can I sign the articles I wrote/improved?
Add the articles list below the section you created on the previous step. Any article need to be linked to the language in which was written. Add the number of bytes, the points for any criteria and the total points for the related article. Eq. * [[:it:Bianca Balti]] (3.000 bytes) (3+2) - 5 points
Q4. Who is responsible for the scoring calculations?
Any user must calculate the own score based on the criteria points.