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The purpose of outreach and collaboration with special interest groups and related organization is nicely served as almost all these reputed butterfly experts, writers and researchers are now active Wikipedian and WLB project team members.

Here are the names and brief information about these reputed figures:

Dotčené organizace

Nature Mates - klub přírody

Laboratoř a interpretační centrum výzkumu motýlů v motýlí zahradě Prakiti Tirtha (New Town Eco Park).

Nature Mates- Nature Club [1] is a research and development based NGO of early 90's devoted to activities to take care of Nature and all her inhabitants. Their sole motto is to make nature our common mate. This NGO hosts a good number of dedicated people from different fields contributing their best to serve mother nature through a friendly and care taking approach to her. They aptly and proudly term them Green People.

Through their several publication in the form of books and research papers etc, they aim at delivering necessary and valuable information about scientific and naturalistic views on nature and its inhabitants.

Dotyčné osoby

Arjan Basu Roy: Butterfly experts, founding member of Nature Mates, Curator of Butterfly Garden at Banabitan,Salt Lake and Technical supervisor and Developer of a number of Butterfly gardens owned by Forest Department, Government of West Bengal and Kolkata Municipal Corporation.[2][3]

Why collaboration with Nature Mates

  • The expertized views, opinions and suggestions of team Nature Mates shall definitely enrich our knowledge and meet up our queries regarding the butterfly kingdom.
  • They are the best lot to be collaborated with since they are solely involved and gloriously working in the much less known field of butterfly conservation's in West Bengal with reportedly good success rate.
  • Collaboration with Nature Mates appears to be of immense importance to us as they say in prints- If any support is needed,please bother to knock us.
  • This special interest group is one of the worthiness to come under the cover of our out-reach target.
  • Their large volume of books, periodicals and research articles shall be of immense help in developing many articles related to butterfly kingdom.
  • Since the Nature Mates supervise and maintain all the butterfly gardens in West Bengal, the prospect of visiting core area for photography and documentation is verily possible.

Probable upcoming programs with Nature Mates

  • Coming back from Jayanti and Lepchakha project we have a plan of meeting in the office of Nature Mates with pictures and documents found thereon for proper identification and scientific categorization of the species.   Hotovo
  • Planning of future prospect of workshop and online edit-a-thons in collaboration with Nature Mates keeping in view their vast collection of books and periodicals.
  • Planning of enhancement of our out reach target by involving the members of Nature Mates in Wikipedia as a very special interest group researching and developing in the domain of Butterfly.

National Centre for Biological sciences

National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS)[4] in Bangalore, Karnataka, is a research centre specialising in biological research.

Person Concerned

Malabar Nature Conservation Club

It is an NGO connected with nature conservation from Amboli,Maharashtra, which conducts environment awareness programs in the local schools.

Person Concerned

Mr. Hemanth Ogale: Noted lepidopterist, macro photography expert.[3]

Bombay Natural History Society

The Bombay Natural History Society is one of the largest non-governmental organisations in India engaged in conservation and biodiversity research.

Person Concerned

Isaac Kehimkar: He is the deputy director of Bombay Natural History Society and author of many books and research papers on butterfly and wild flowers.[8]

Other Persons Concerned

  • Mr. Rudra Prasad Das: He is a doctoral research fellow, doing research on butterfly communities of West Bengal. He is also attached with UNEP-GEF-ABS Project under The West Bengal Biodiversity Board as a Technical Assistant.[9][3]
  • Mr. Judhajit Dasgupta: Butterfly expert and first writer of books on Butterfly in Bengali language.

Wiki Walks Through Nature

In course of our Butterfly fields work at different spots, we have also encountered and photo documented other things of interest like birds, mammals, reptiles etc.

North-East Butterfly Meet-2017 (Season-IV)

The participation of WLB team in the National level Butterfly meet organised by Butterfly and Moths of Sikkim-Nature Conservation Society (BAMOS-NCS) And Butterflies of North Eastern India Group in Dzongu Valley, North Sikkim is a matter of high importance and broader perspective specially in terms of collaborative approach and outreach prospect outside West Bengal. The said meet was a 3 days event (3rd-5th September, 2017) covering butterfly exploration, data collection, field work, amidst different butterfly infested spots of Dzongu Valley, North Sikkim along with talks, discussion, identification project slide show and so on about butterfly species. The meet congregated 40 participants, from different states of India, the butterfly enthusiast of Sikkim, butterfly experts from different states,research scholars, bureaucrats and officials of Department of Forest, Govt. of Sikkim and a good number of students from four local schools etc. Ananya and Sandip from WLB project team participated in the meet, delivered speech about the vast prospective world of Wikimedia movement and WLB project in that all India platform, invited and motivated people to the glorious world of Wikipedia and presented SWAG materials (post cards) of WLB project to the dignitaries, organizers, participants and specially the school students. The prospect of WLB project, its aim and goal is largely there and highly appreciated. Ananya and Sandip also worked and discussed with the experts there about the comparative study of the available butterfly species and subspecies of West Bengal and Sikkim. The meet was supported by Forest department of Sikkim, Kanchendzonga Conservation Committee, Indian Himalayan Center for Adventure and Eco Tourism (IHCAE),Chemchey, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE)[10], World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)[11], Bombay Natural History Society (BHNS), Aaranyak Nature Club[12] and Flutters.

We have also made collaborative as well as personal approach to the butterfly enthusiasts of different states of India and inspired and motivated them to join Wikimedia movement and start submitting contribution to Wikimedia Commons.

The species photographed, identified and documented there on are listed below.


Common Name Binominal Name Ventral view Dorsal view Articles Develops so far
Tufted Ace Sebastonyma dolopia(Hewitson)   Hotovo   Hotovo
Great Swift Pelopidas assamensis(de Nicéville)   Hotovo   Hotovo
Yellow-spot Swift Polytremis eltola (Hewitson)   Hotovo   Hotovo   Hotovo
Austen's swift Caltoris cahira austeni(Moore)   Hotovo   Hotovo
Dark palm dart Telicota bambusae(Moore)   Hotovo
Chocolate demon Ancistroides nigrita(Latreille)   Hotovo   Hotovo   Hotovo
Yellow Flat Mooreana trichoneura (Felder & Felder)   Hotovo   Hotovo
Spotted Snow Flat Tagiades menaka (Moore)   Hotovo
Tricolor Pied Flat Coladenia indrani (Moore)   Hotovo
Veined Scrub Hopper Aeromachus stigmata (Moore)   Hotovo   Hotovo
Brown Bush Bob Pedesta pandita (de Nicéville)   Hotovo


Common Name Binominal Name Ventral view Dorsal view Articles Develops so far
Punchinello Zemeros flegyas (Cramer)   Hotovo   Hotovo   Hotovo
Spot Judy Abisara chela (de Nicéville)   Hotovo   Hotovo


Common Name Binominal Name Ventral view Dorsal view Articles Develops so far
Great Darkie Miletographa drumila(Moore)   Hotovo
Metallic Cerulean Jamides alecto (Felder)   Hotovo
Purple Sapphire Heliophorus epicles (Godart)   Hotovo   Hotovo   Hotovo
Long-banded Silverline Spindasis lohita(Horsfield)   Hotovo
Common Hedge Blue Acytolepis puspa(Horsfield)   Hotovo
Blue Tit Chliaria kina(Hewitson)   Hotovo
Pale Grass Blue Pseudozizeeria maha(Kollar)   Hotovo   Hotovo


Common Name Binominal Name Ventral view Dorsal view Articles Develops so far
Straight-banded Treebrown Lethe verma(Kollar)   Hotovo
Common earl Tanaecia julii (Lesson)   Hotovo   Hotovo
Yellow Coster Acraea issoria (Hübner)   Hotovo   Hotovo
Spotted Palmfly Elymnias malelas (Hewitson)   Hotovo   Hotovo
Indian Tortoiseshell Aglais caschmirensis (Kollar)   Hotovo   Hotovo   Hotovo
Blue Duke Bassarona durga (Moore)   Hotovo   Hotovo   Hotovo
Long-branded Bushbrown Mycalesis visala (Moore)   Hotovo
Common Maplet Chersonesia risa (Doubleday)   Hotovo   Hotovo   Hotovo
Tabby Pseudergolis wedah (Kollar)   Hotovo   Hotovo   Hotovo
Chocolate Pansy Junonia iphita (Cramer)   Hotovo   Hotovo   Hotovo
Popinjay Stibochiona nicea (Gray)   Hotovo   Hotovo   Hotovo
Club Beak Libythea myrrha (Godart)   Hotovo
Red Lacewing Cethosia biblis (Drury)   Hotovo   Hotovo
Northern Common Jester Symbrenthia lilaea(Hewitson)   Hotovo   Hotovo
Staff Sergeant Athyma selenophora(Kollar)   Hotovo
Bhutan Sergeant Athyma jina(Moore)   Hotovo   Hotovo
Indian Nawab Charaxes bharata (Felder & Felder)   Hotovo


Common Name Binominal Name Ventral view Dorsal view Articles Develops so far
Red-base Jezebel Delias pasithoe (Linnaeus)   Hotovo   Hotovo
Yellow Jezebel Delias agostina (Hewitson)   Hotovo   Hotovo
Asian Cabbage White Pieris canidia (Linnaeus)   Hotovo


Common Name Binominal Name Ventral view Dorsal view Articles Develops so far
Red Helen Papilio helenus (Linnaeus)   Hotovo   Hotovo   Hotovo
Common Peacock Papilio bianor (Cramer)   Hotovo
Yellow Helen Papilio nephelus (Boisduval)   Hotovo   Hotovo
Glassy Bluebottle Graphium cloanthus(Westwood)   Hotovo   Hotovo


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