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Wiki Loves Africa Messaging and Branding

What Wiki Loves Africa is all about.

Wiki Loves Africa is an annual contest that visually celebrates the African continent. The contest has been going held for 8 years and has an established and recognisable brand. There are generic materials to allow for organisers to communicate about the impact of Wiki Loves Africa over the years it has been held.

Every year, the international team supplies materials and resources that are specific to that year's theme. Below are the materials for local organisers to spread the word and provide visibility for the contest in their area.

Here is a separate page for messaging about the contest and how to speak to the press.

Please feel free to translate these materials into your local languages, and share them on Commons under the Wiki Loves Africa 2023 Communications category.

If you have any suggestions or requests for additional materials you feel would be useful, please contact Isla Haddow-Flood via the email on her userpage.

2023 Theme Communications Materials

Wiki Loves Africa will run for the 9th time in 2023. Along the years, a lot of material has been created and is available for organisers to use and adapt as they see fit. Or you might prefer to create your own material.

Visibility and Publicity Materials developed for Wiki Loves Africa 2023

These are .jpeg files below, but the .pdf versions can be found in Wiki Loves Africa 2023 Communications category, on Commons.

Talk about the 2023 Contest

Consult this page for more information about Messaging and Talking to the Press about Wiki Loves Africa.

Winners Press Release and Jury Report

Due August 2023

Marketing and Social Media visuals

Social media launch cards

Social media information 'cards' are available on Canva for organisers

Social cards .png format - English
Social cards .gif format - English

2023 Theme Colours

R196, G70, B59
C16, M86, Y83, K5

R241, G97, B95
C0, M77, Y58, K0

R247, G128, B29
C1, M61, Y100, K0

R229, G212, B28
C13, M9, Y100, K0

R141, G198, B63
C50, M0, Y100, K0

R2, G103, B154
C98, M58, Y18, K0

R103, G103, B103
C60, M50, Y58, K40

Wiki Loves Africa: Brand


Logo colours

R241, G97, B96
C0, M77, Y57, K0
Pantone 7416 C

R8, G173, B157
C77, M7, Y47, K0
Pantone 7465 C

R255, G218, B39
C1, M11, Y93, K0
Pantone 115 C

R253, G252, B254
C0, M1, Y0, K0
Pantone 663 C

Wiki Loves Africa generic identity elements

  • the existing visual identity
  • a “pitch deck” explaining the project
  • a generic leaflet about the project
  • a Pull-up banner design
  • T-shirt design
  • Buttons, badges, stickers (square, round and rectangular)
  • “App button” version of the logo for use on web, devices and other pages
  • Logo as used in press releases, social media, presentations, on banners, etc.
  • Generic leaflet

You can find Wiki Loves Africa materials whatever the year, and for every year on Commons.

Wiki Loves Africa Communication Platforms

Communications links:

Discussion channels:

Communications materials from previous years: