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This project page documents a project currently in progress.

Wiki Loves Africa 2021 – Health and Wellness
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2021 Contest Communications MaterialsEdit

Wiki Loves Africa will run for the 7th time in 2021. Along the years, a lot of material has been created and is available for organisers to use and adapt as they see fit. Or you might prefer to create your own material.

Marketing Materials developed for Wiki Loves Africa 2021Edit

These are .jpeg files below, but the .pdf versions can be found in Wiki Loves Africa 2021 Communications category, on Commons.

Social media cards used to announced the winnersEdit

Branding elements for local organizers during 2021 contextEdit

This year, the branding elements for Wiki Loves Africa can include a few things that can be used when constructing national communication elements like posters and social media posts:

Colours used in Wiki Loves Africa 2021 awareness compaignsEdit

R0, G148, B145
C87, M20, Y47, K2
Pantone 7716 C

R253, G152, B8
C0, M48, Y100, K0
Pantone 1375 C

R253, G252, B254
C0, M1, Y0, K0
Pantone 663 C

R178, G216, B216
C29, M3, Y14, K0
Pantone 628 C

R0, G0, B0

Talk about the 2021 ContestEdit

Press releasesEdit

Below are the international press releases for the launch of Wiki Loves Africa 2021. These press releases can easily be adapted to press releases that feature local details and events.

Launch Press ReleaseEdit
French-language international launch press release for Wiki Loves Africa 2021
English-language international launch press release for Wiki Loves Africa 2021
Winners Press Release and Jury ReportEdit
The full and final press release for Wiki Loves Africa 2021 announcing the winners
Press KitEdit

Press/Media mentions 2021Edit

Wiki Loves Africa brandEdit



Logo coloursEdit

R241, G97, B96
C0, M77, Y57, K0
Pantone 7416 C

R8, G173, B157
C77, M7, Y47, K0
Pantone 7465 C

R255, G218, B39
C1, M11, Y93, K0
Pantone 115 C

R253, G252, B254
C0, M1, Y0, K0
Pantone 663 C

Wiki Loves Africa generic identity elementsEdit

  • the existing visual identity
  • a “pitch deck” explaining the project
  • a generic leaflet about the project
  • a Pull-up banner design
  • T-shirt design
  • Buttons, badges, stickers (square, round and rectangular)
  • “App button” version of the logo for use on web, devices and other pages
  • Logo as used in press releases, social media, presentations, on banners, etc.
  • Generic leaflet

You can find Wiki Loves Africa materials whatever the year, and for every year on Commons.

Social media guidelinesEdit

It is exciting to support WikiLovesAfrica’s 2021 and show people what is happening with the competition in your country! There is an international communications team for the duration of the competition, but we would love your support wherever possible! Here are some ways you can do just that:


Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds and share our posts. The more organic reach we get the more we will be rewarded with so every share counts.


Comment and tag on the comments of a post. Any words of encouragement or tagging a friend or organization on the comments feed will also help Wiki Loves Africa to be seen by more people, more often.


We realise you may want to personalize your call to enter or mention your own events happening locally, but please make sure you note the following:

  1. Use the contest colour pallette above
  2. Include the hashtag #wikilovesafrica on all your posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  3. The shortlink to the info page and entry is photographs you post on Social Media
  4. Make sure that the photos you use are big enough, and do not distort or pixelate
  5. When writing a post about a local event, please include the location or country in your post (this can be done straight away or as a hashtag) – this will cause less confusion when people repost or share your post with their individual accounts
  6. There are standard headers for Facebook and Twitter as well as a standard Instagram post that you are welcome to use. Please find them in the Social Media templates section below (to come)
  7. Be sure to include these bits of info – not necessarily all at once but over a few posts.
    • The competition is open to anyone, anywhere but the subject matter Health+Wellness must represent something that took place in Africa or relates to African culture.
    • You can enter as many times as you like
    • All work entered is subject to a Creative Commons licence
    • The competition runs from 15th Feb-15th April

Please use the hashtags:

  • #wikilovesafrica
  • #Health+Wellness
  • #CelebrateAfrica or #Celebrate[your country] e.g. #CelebrateEthiopia
  • #Instagood
  • #photoAfrica
  • #loveAfrica
  • #photooftheday
  • #instaafrica
  • And you can # the subject e.g. #health #wellness etc…

Please seriously consider adding cautionary hashtags to make sure people do not put themselves at risk to get the photograph. Consider using these hashtags:

  • #StaySafe
  • #BeCautious
  • #WearAMask
  • #EnterArchivePhotos

Branding and communications help for OrganisersEdit

Design and photographic manipulation toolsEdit

If you wish to create your own branding, please consider using the following design tools. Many of the application listed below require specialist knowledge of design and photographic principles. Inkscape is free and open source. However there are many other platforms that can help you if you are new to communications and design, especially these non-open source platforms.

They are not open source, but many have a free 'plan' that allows limited functionality:

Please note: the following is a list of (mostly) open source options. While many of these products are exceptional we do not recommend or endorse one over another. Always be careful when downloading software.

Photographic manipulation:

Design creation and manipulation:

Find more marketing materials. Do not hesitate digging into previous years.

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