Wiki For COVID-19

Wiki For COVID-19 is an online initiative for increasing awareness of the ongoing pandemic (COVID-19) and tackling misinformation spreading at an alarming rate meanwhile promoting Wikimedia projects. Basically, the idea behind this is to aware people through promotional videos so that they can gather reliable information on Wikipedia.

Wiki For COVID-19
Wiki For COVID-19

This project will be the first of it's kind in this pandemic that will promote Wikipedia and increase public awareness about COVID-19 at the same time. The project's idea has been brought for tackling the fake news spreading on social media through various fake news channels.

Project Description


The project aims at producing three videos that will create awareness about COVID-19 which will be revolving around Wikimedia Projects. The videos will help in increasing awareness about the pandemic and reduce the stress among people caused due to fake news spreading at an alarming rate. The three videos will highlight the reliable news on COVID-19 available on Wikipedia and also Commons, where people can get a virtual tour to beautiful places in this lockdown period where people are quarantined in their homes. The video will give tasks to the viewers where they will have to make a video answering questions like how they gather or used to gather information on COVID-19, how Wikimedia helped in gaining factual information and how learning on Wikipedia helped them dealing with the issues. The entire event remains online and no in-person activities will be conducted considering the safety measures.

We’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic.

— WHO Director - General Tedros Adhanom, Munich Security Conference, Feb. 15

Project Goal

  1. To aware people about reliable information on COVID-19
  2. Produce three video contents to promote Wikimedia projects
  3. Engage quarantined people to digital Wiki-Learning Platform

Project Lead


Project Updates


Experience Challenge




in progress...

Particulars Link Reach Views Notes
1st promotional video Sandeep Raut 34.9K 27.9K Data received via Facebook page insights.
Tulsi Bhagat 45.3K 26.7K
Total reach 80K Total views 54K
2nd promotional video Sandeep Raut 22K 9K Data received via Facebook page insights.
Tulsi Bhagat 22.1K 8.3K
Total reach 44K Total views 17K
3rd promotional video Sandeep Raut 5.9K 6.7K Data received via Facebook page insights.
Tulsi Bhagat 4.8K 6.4K
Total reach 10K Total views 13K
#experiencechallenge video Sandeep Raut 10K 2K Data received via Facebook page insights.
Tulsi Bhagat 13.2K 2K
Total reach 23K Total views 4K
Grand total reach 157K Grand total views 88K
Pageviews Analysis
Pageviews Analysis of newiki, 20200601-20200930 (during project days)
Pageviews Analysis statistical table
Project Time period Siteviews Daily Average Reference
Nepali Wikipedia Jun 01-Sep 30 2020 2,485,693 20,375 Pageviews Analysis - Toolforge

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