Wiki Aquired Psychological Syndrome


WAPS (Wiki Acquired Psychological Syndrome) or in Dutch Wiki Afhankelijk Psycho Syndroom is a disorder first observed amongst a Dutch group of Wikipedians. The disorder was caused by a question (in Dutch) by a German veterinary student living in Belgium. The question was : Zijn moderatoren bij de foundation voor 'psychische ongevallen' verzekerd ? (Are psychological disorders caused in moderators/admins covered by an insurance of the Wikimedia Foundation). As we believe the disorder is widely spread amongst all projects of the Wikimedia Foundation. To give a better overview, shortly the disorder as observed is hereby described:


Oversensitiveness, tiredness, crying, excessive laughing, fights on the internet, aggressiveness

Caused byEdit

Attempts to moderate articles, protection against vandalism, freedom of speech. As it is more likely a syndrome, patients should be exposed to all three of the factors.


Patients should take a wiki-break or wiki-vacation. Articles like this one can give a partial heal for a period of time. Excessive laughing and writing nonsense can heal you fully. (Warning: this can cause the syndrome in other users!) But, if the first signs are not treated right, severe damage can be done to your health.

Well to come back to the original question. As Amgine_ advised me at #wikimedia [22:01] <Amgine_> Well, I'm just a contributor to the Wikimedia Foundation, but I have never heard of such an insurance policy. You might ask your question on website i will ask it here. Is there coverage by an insurance for suchlike disorders ?