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Sponsors edit

Current sponsors edit

  • Wikimedia Argentina is one of the major sponsors for this event as hosts. They will be providing food and the venue.
  • Wikimedia Australia is providing sponsorship for the event, a portion of which will be participation grants for Australian women to attend.
  • Wikimedia Germany is providing sponsorship for travel scholarship for three staff/ board member and issuing open application for German based Female contributors.
  • Wikimedia Österreich is sponsoring the participation of Austrian contributors up to 5.000 EUR, plus providing a sponsorship of 2.000 EUR to the organisers budget.
  • The Ford Foundation via The Indonesian International Education Foundation providing one travel scholarship for Indonesian to attend.
  • Anne Goldenberg is sponsoring the event by faciliating the event at no cost to the organizers.

Potential sponsors edit

If your chapter or organization is interested in sponsoring the conference or in providing participation scholarships, please get in touch with:

Logistics edit

Planning edit

Planning for both conferences is underway. If you are a woman and interested in joining the planning discussion, please get in touch with Wikimedia Argentina's Beatriz Busaniche, Wikimedia Portugual's Béria Lima or Wikimedia Australia's Laura Hale. They can help you get subscribed to the planning mailing list for discussions that do not take place on meta. Some planning discussions are taking place on IRC in #wikiwomenconnect. If you planning questions, you may also post them to the talk page for the conference.

Facilitation edit

The conference will be facilitated using open-space technology.

Accommodation edit

Recommended Hotel

Address: Av. Callao 360 (C1022AAQ) Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: (54-11) 4373-9009

The prices of Bauen Hotel, are (Argentine pesos):

  • Single Room: Ar$ 260
  • Double: Ar$300.- (150 each one)
  • Triple: Ar$450.- (150 each one)

All these prices have breakfast included. For reservations contact Omar:

Getting there from Airport

By taxi edit

From Ezeiza the fare will be something like 150-170 pesos. From Aeroparque it will be around 35-45 pesos. Just tell the taxi driver the address above, and if you want, you can try to fix the price (for that it is better if you speak Spanish).

By Bus / Shuttle edit

From Ezeiza (EZE): take the shuttle Manuel Tienda León ("Tienda León" is the name in the shuttle - the price is 25 dollars per person, and can be booked here). That will leave you in Terminal Madero, in Retiro. From there you can take a taxi to the hotel for ARS 25/30. But most shuttles can take you directly to the hotel for a bit more money.

From Aeroparque (AEP): In front of Aeroparque you can take the bus 37 (the bus pass in the two sides of the avenue, but don't cross it. Take the one in front of he Airport), and leave the bus in Rodríguez Peña y Corrientes, that bus stop is just after cross Corrientes Avenue. That is one street away from Bauen.