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The official language of Peru is Spanish, which has been spoken by 83.92% Peruvians. The internet penetration in this country is 34.30% or 9,929,155 people having internet connection in 2010.[[1]]


In December 2011, there were 34,780 people and 22,780 women of all ages from Peru who were interested in Wikipedia.[2] In December 2011, according to Alexa, Wikipedia was ranked the 9th most popular site in the country.[3] There are 26 articles about models from this country on English Wikipedia. In the period between November 2010 and October 2011, 5.3% of the traffic to Spanish Wikipedia was from this country.[4]

Wikinews, Wikiversity, Wikibooks, and Other projects

There are no female administrators on English wikinews from this country, nor are there any women from this country who are English wikinews accredited reporters. On Portuguese Wikinews, there are no women active from this country. This may be a result of several factors, including the language and because Portuguese Wikinews only has an active editing community of five people, one of whom is a woman. A December 2011 search on English Wikinews for Women Peru found 4 articles that mentioned both words.[5] A December 2011 search on Spanish Wikinews for Peru mujeres found 26 articles that mentioned both words.[6] A December 2011 search on Portuguese Wikinews for mulheres Peru found 8 articles that mentioned both words.[7]

In December 2011, according to Alexa, Wikibooks was ranked the 1,761th most popular site in the country.[8]

On Commons 16.46% users indicated they're female. The most popular interface language after English is Spanish with 108166 users. The large population of Spanish users on Commons is probably the result of local uploads on Spanish Wikipedia being disabled.

There are no bureaucrats, male or female, from this country on MediaWiki.Org.[9] There are no women from this country who are administrators on incubator and no active women editors from this country. The project has few participants overall, with only 44 users identified as female and 516 identified as male.

Peruvian women perspective to free knowledge


Women in Peru

Historically, Peruvian women somewhat equal to men, but after the Spanish conquest the culture in Peru became increasingly patriarchal and they represent minority in numbers and legal rights. Although have not yet borne fruit, the Peruvian government has begun efforts to reduce the high maternal mortality rate, lack of female political opportunities and employment, as well as violence against women. In 2000, the government forbade the discrimination based on gender, but the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development notes that women discrimination is still practiced, some of which reflected in levels of unemployment women and violence against women, mostly psychologically. Politically, women in Peru have been subordinate and had little power, though the recent laws provided a third of representative seats in congress for women.

The Foundation

During the December 2011 fundraising appeal, no Peruvians, men or women, were featured are part of the appeal. During the 2011 Summer of Research, the WMF hired eight research fellows. Of these, only one was female, and she was from the United States. There were four males from American universities, The other researchers included men from a Japanese university, a Swiss university and a Canadian university. There were no research fellows, male or female, from this country.