WikiWomen's User Group/Reports/2019

The WikiWomen’s User Group was recognized as a Wikimedia user group in July 19, 2015. This report outlines the accomplishments and activities supported by the group between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.

Activities edit

Wikimedia Summit 2019
  • November 2018, assisting with their first meeting at the World Parliament of Religions, Toronto, Canada
  • May 2019, assisting with their edit-a-thon at Holy Wisdom Monastery, Madison, Wisconsin, US
  • June 2019, assisting with their edit-a-thon at American Theological Library Association (ATLA), Vancouver, Canada

Virtual edit-a-thons edit

Two on-going initiatives were sponsored this year on en.WP:

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Reflections edit

On attendance at Wikimedia Summit 2019 edit

The focus of the Wikimedia Summit hosted in Berlin in March was the Movement Strategy Process and meetups with the Working Groups. The Diversity WG held productive sessions with members of other groups, affiliates, and foundation staff to identify problem areas, challenges, and strategies for moving forward. Some of the ideas that were discussed in the these sessions and the Women's luncheon included access to more reference materials and resources, community safety and a standard code of ethics, leadership quotas to diversify stakeholder governance, and developing better language and access tools, among many others. SusunW represented the WWUG at the conference and as part of the Diversity WG, reported that by charting the feedback they have begun formulating recommendations to increase diversity in the movement, including recommendations for digitizing references, a Code of Conduct, leadership quotas, and tools to map diversity and content gaps.