WikiTronics would primarily be a source of commonly used circurits and board layouts used in (ancient and modern) electronics.

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This would pose as a central source to collect and optimize commonly used boards and scematics for researchers and hobbyists.


Naming and display conventions would need to be set up in order to have a consistent database. Here are a few quick ideas, if you have any other suggestions please let me know.

Page NamingEdit

A proper naming and categorization of the electronical circuits would be neccessary.

Page LayoutEdit

There should be some general information on what the setup does, how it does this and also include a part list (with some estimate total cost for assembly in time and money). Then a scematic would be needed and if possible some files to etch/drill boards.

Integration with WikipediaEdit

Currently Wikipedia does not seem to have much information on this particular topic. I'd suggest a seperated wiki-environment for this project.

It sounds like a perfect addition to Wikibooks, to me. -- user:zanimum


  • This might even be a good place to collect special knowledge about PC hardware.
  • Some basic tutoring articles would fit in as well (think: how to solder properly, SMD for starters, ...)

Illegal ActivityEdit

There might be problems with patents in some parts of the world. But basic setups should be common knowledge for people who are interested in electronics.