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This is an old proposal, see Requests for new languages/Wiktionary multilingual for a request (not a proposal for a new project)

WikiTranslate is a proposal for a multilingual wiki to translate words and short sentences. This is based on Wiktionary and OmegaWiki, but there are differences (see "wiktionary").

You can compare it with a free version of machine translations.


These are the differences with Wiktionary:

  • TranslateWiki has also short sentences and Wiktionary has only words
  • TranslateWiki is multilingual like Wikimedia Commons, and wiktionary has many sites like de.wiktionary, fr.wiktionary
  • Wiktionary has also a little bit information, but translatewiki has only translations

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  • Babelwiki
  • Wikiterpret
  • Wiklanguage
  • WikiTranslate

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