WikiProject Saami

WikiProject Saami is a multi-country and multi-language project for gathering initiatives related to Saami languages and culture.

Vision Edit

The project aims to make the Wikimedia projects more useful to the Saami communities, help the communities control the circulation of the representation of their culture, and to make the Saami communities, languages, and cultures more visible and factual across all Wikimedia projects.

More useful Wikimedia projects Edit

To make Wikimedia projects more useful for Saami language communities, we plan to

  1. promote the Northern Saami Wikipedia
  2. enhance support for the Saami languages across all Wikimedia projects, and
  3. advocate the use of Wikidata to enable tagging for language revitalisation.

By promoting the Northern Saami Wikipedia, we are first and foremost wanting to attract new editors, preferably with an advanced level of language skills, in the hopes that they would improve the quality of existing articles and help flesh out this Wikipedia's article base.

Navigating Wikimedia content via Wikidata items

Decolonising the Commons Edit

The project seeks to collaborate with Saami communities and GLAMs in better describing the Saami visual cultural heritage openly available in the internet and specifically in Wikimedia Commons. We will explore methods for the communities to control the distribution of culturally sensitive content shared on open platforms, as well as ways of expressing consent for publishing content online.

Example image (depictathons)

Better visibility and factuality Edit

Projects and events Edit

Õõutveäkka – the 70-year anniversary of settling Skolt Saami people in Finland

Organizations/Affiliates Edit

Please list your affiliate or organization, if you are interested in running projects that are aligned with our vision, or if you are already involved in these types of projects.