WikiMOOC, a volunteer-led online course about Wikipedia, in FrenchEdit

A dozen of French speaking Wikipedia editors —from France, Switzerland, Canada, Cameroon and Ivory Coast— started in 2015 a MOOC project, named WikiMOOC. Its aim is to teach (in French) how Wikipedia works, and to help people engage in actually editing. The project has been supported by Wikimédia France. The first session was held in February / March 2016, with more than 6,000 attendees. The volunteer group is now designing a second session: WikiMOOC #2, which will be open in March 2017.

WikiMOOC #1 overviewEdit

See fr:Projet:WikiMOOC/2016/Présentation/en about the first WikiMOOC edition.

WikiMOOC #2 overviewEdit

→ See also the Wikipedia Project pages (French) where the volunteers design the course.

The MOOC platform projectEdit

  Content moved on Wikimedia MOOC platform.

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