WikiKsour Algeria

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WikiKsour Algeria is a local edition of the regional project WikiKsour. In Algeria, we can find over than 300 Ksar located in around the country.


WikiKsour is a project that tends, using Wikimedia platforms and tools, to trigger Ksour safeguarding and development, through:

  • Providing general information to public, in order to raise awareness and promote tourism in the Ksours.
  • Providing technical information to professionals, in order to encourage scientific research about the Ksour and facilitate renovation/rehabilitation projects.
  • allow academics free access to the project to continue research and not repeat the same.
  • develop a subject for study at university level and other levels of study.
  • create partnerships with state and university establishments specializing in earthen buildings.
  • create and organize events and competitions specially dedicated to Algerian ksours