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Wikipedia as a component of open education ecosystem in the global south

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Teemu Leinonen / --Teemu (talk) 21:14, 15 January 2018 (UTC)

Hans Põldoja

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Media Lab Helsinki, Aalto University, Finland

School of Digital Technologies, Tallinn University, Estonia

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Open education ecosystem is a system facilitating human learning by consisting tools, services, resources and stakeholders who all share a common set of values. The core value in it and in its components, is openness. Often open education is associated with open educational resources (OER) and lately with massive open online courses (MOOCS). There are, however, many other approaches in open learning and for instance the openness of the MOOCS can be challenged.

Hans Põldoja (2016) have defined that an open education ecosystem is build out of such components as open educational resources (OER), open learning environments and open assessment arrangements. The OER components must use a license making the content free, rely fully on the open web standards and come with authoring tools. Wikpedia and the Wikimedia Commons are good examples of OER repositories. As an open learning environment, one can use blogs, open discussion forums or microblogging services. Essential is that all the content is freely available, with open licences and according to open web standards. Thirdly, an open education ecosystem needs open assessment: practices and tools. These can be Open Badges or other forms of web services providing tools to implement peer-review of the participants performance. In addition to the technological tools an open education ecosystem needs stakeholders; people, organizations and Internet communities.

The open education ecosystem is a concept that could challenge the status quo of vocational and tertiary education. By building and gardening an open education ecosystem, people in the global south, around the world, could bootstrap their own education. In my lecture, I will describe and discuss about the open education ecosystem, Wikipedia's / Wikimedia's role in it and present what kind of impact it could have on education.

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Attendees will gain insight into the concept of open education ecosystem and Wikipedia's / Wikimedia's central role in it. This will help the participants to develop new strategies for their outreach and education initiatives.

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