WikiIndaba conference 2018/Program/WikiFundi: The first step towards Wikipedia in Africa

Logo WikiIndaba colors ID : WikiFundi WikiFundi: The first step towards Wikipedia in Africa
Speakers : Sami Mlouhi (Wikimedia TN User Group, Tunisia) Time block: friday-afternoon Start : 17:30
Location : Great room Duration : 10 min.
Description :

WikiFundi is a software that offers an offline editing environment similar to an online editing experience on Wikipedia. It opens the door for training and contribution, when technology, access and electricity outages fail or are not available at all, by allowing individuals, groups and communities to learn how to edit Wikipedia and to work on articles collaboratively without internet connection.

It also helps wikipedians train newcomers, including students and teachers, to contribute, and supports Wikipedia volunteers in their outreach activities.

In this presentation, we will discover Wikifundi and its different uses in the African continent. Then, we will see a little demonstration.

Themes : Technology, Interface & Infrastructure
Tags : WikiFundi, Wikipedia offline
Notes : #WikiIndaba18_WikiFundi