WikiIndaba conference 2014/Day 3/Team 2 WikiIndaba Strategy

Team Members

Team spokes person
Rexford Nkhasah

Q1: What can be done to increase understanding and use of wikipedia in Africa?


This question is answered in a similar way with Question 2.

Q2: What can be done to attract users? What subjects are effective?

Attract users
  • Raise awareness levels of wikipedia by using social media to refer people to wikipedia articles about recent events.
  • Create an advertising plan for Wikipedia/Wikipedia Zero:
    • TV commercial about wikipedia/Wikipedia Zero. Use an insert of professors who use wikipedia as case studies.
    • Billboard advertising campaigns.
    • Study costs and feasibility of doing a pilot in four countries in Africa.
  • Organize press releases through WMF contacts etc to get country updates in main stream media.
  • Organize a photo event like WLM. Upload marathon.
  • Use social media campaigns.
  • Start student ambassador program.
  • Heritage
  • Local history and local languages
  • Relating history to current events such as anniversaries.

Q3: How should we organize ourselves to work together going forward?

  • Theresa is available full time and can organize meetings and dates/times from WMZA.
  • Organize regional groups according to interest focus groups eg:
    • GLAM
    • Education
    • Photo contests
  • Each interest focus should have a contact person for continent as a start then when more people are in the group, divide to regional contact people.

Q4: What is the best way/tool to stay connected as a group and regions going forward?

  • Not another mailing list!!!! Use mailing list for announcements only and period updates of group activities.
  • Use meta as main space for discussions. Africa portal on meta? [Ioland Pensa]
  • Organize skype/Hangout online conference to have a web meeting.
  • Once every three months.
  • Keep face book and Twitter for repeat of announcements on mailing list.

Measure of success:

  • Have at least four regions with one vibrant community in each region in Africa in the next two - three years.


  • Stratergy of involving local communities to buy into advertisements, before, during and after advertising campaigns. You need a vibrant community to handle each stage.
  • What does it mean to have a vibrant community? What metrics are used?
  • Send request for user introduction to specific wikis in specific countries to Asaf ;Jessie and Anasuya.