WikiIndaba conference 2014/Day 3/Team 1 WikiIndaba Strategy




1. What can be done to increase understanding of and use of Wikipedia in Africa?

  • Take a feather from Cameroon videos to make local content to drive awareness

Find out what articles people want to read - perhaps a campaign; also perhaps a pop up asking what people did not find when they were on wikipedia

  • target librarians and teachers
  • give additional resources
  • provide training to teachers through teacher colleges and or Dept of education interventions
  • Create a MOOC for teachers
  • Create competition for users to navigate wikipedia for prizes
  • Target academics to:
    • include wikipedia programmes in their student’s course work, citations and research
    • create wikibooks
  • Mass Media Campaign
  • Create WikiAfrica E-Book

2. What can be done to attract users? What subjects are effective?

  • Add sports related content
  • Use local entertainers
  • Find what people want to read on Wikipedia
  • Conduct Wiki challenges between cities ie CT and JHB or countries.

3. How should we organise ourselves to work together going forward?

  • Create a name for the network:
  • Njangi - pidgin English
  • Ipade - yoruba - people coming together
  • Lama - لمة coming together in Arabic
  • Pabwalo - Chichewa - coming together to discuss issues
  • Create a Road map for the next year:
    • create local / regional groupings to drive interest
    • create cross-regional grouping around interest (GLAM, Education, etc.)
    • set practical goals and targets:
      • Regional Wikimedia
        • do a meeting with aligned people at their home
        • amount of outreach events
        • participation of people in planning
        • wiki meetups
  • investigate a user campaign in the region
  • investigate the region and the open movement in neighbouring countries
  • get at least contacts and engagement in one other country
  • create a ‘map’ of open movement in your region
  • set priorities for the region / local
  • provide one WikiTour ?
  • create content around theme
  • find out what the users want to see
  • create a list of toolkits that are needed for each project
    • Theme projects
  • Establish what themes are interesting … for continental involvement:
  • GLAM
  • Toolkits
  • Continental competition: Wiki Loves Africa / Monuments
  • Education
  • Kumusha Bus

4. What is the best way / tool to stay connected as a group and regions going forward?

  • Create a mailing list / group discussions
  • notice board / update as to what is happening = creating a facebook group
  • skype checkins once every two months
  • Get volunteers for people to be regional Community Builder for #wikiindaba + one continental connector + continental project builder

5. What is the future of WikiIndaba?

  • Should we have more wikiindaba ? Yes
  • How often ? provisionally once a year (there may be regional events in the future as well. It is not exclusive)
  • Should there be turns between regions ? Yes, but next year would probably occur in South Africa. Maybe Tunisia next year. City should change. Maximum consensus for Cap Town ! Or Durban.
  • Question: does it require a chapter ? A: No. But it requires quite an amount of work (hence of organizers) and a “legal” structure (to pay invoices, receive grant etc.)
  • Comments:
    • I want more fun and more lively people (says Aminou). Aminou volunteers to be entertainment director.
    • 14 countries present this year. Try to increase the participation (more countries). This year was limited by funds (35 scholarships)
    • Respecting the time more
    • more time for brainstorming. Earlier planification and communication about the brainstorming part
    • maybe next time get a professional facilitator
    • We could use Wikinews to get some interest from the media
    • The outcome should be specific (clear outcomes. Set of stuff to do)