WikiIndaba Conference 2018/Mohammed Bachounda/Report

Event NameEdit

WikiIndaba Conference 2018

My InputEdit

I attended wikiindaba for the second time as presenter this time And to introduce new wikiDZ members The proximity of the conference venue made it a very accessible place for Algerians and facilitated their participation.

Participant ConnectionsEdit

From Algeria

seven members of wikiDZ participated in Wiki Indaba Tunis, of which 5 new members 4 came with their own means by air and by road.

all these Algerians are not my neighbors and do not live with me in the same city,

wikiIndaba allowed us to meet and to get acquainted especially with the team that participated in the editing and launching of the Mooc Wikimassaq

From Tunisia

We met and discussed with the team of our Tunisian neighbors and we discussed a lot of joint projects.

especially for launching glam projects in Algeria

From Africa

Two new members from Chad and Mali were discovered by us and we exchanged our opinions with the Nigeria group, which is very active we were able to meet the team of organizer ghana d'indaba 2017

From the rest of the world


  • I could not thank the wikimedia staff for helping us to reward the students of the University of Chlef with nice cadaux

that Florence devouard did not hesitate for a moment to bring them from France despite the burden of weight.

  • I admit that it was a long time to bring gifts, almost a year :)

and that there are much simpler solutions, it's was just a chalenge that pushed us to do that and go to the difficult one.

  • thanks to stephane for the books swaping
  • fayçal rezkallah improvised a new project that pleased all participants.
  • I want to thank the organizing team (Tunisian team one by one)

do not skimp on the means to join us with the seven members of Algeria have accepted 4 additional participants after being 3 scheduled