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Logo Wikiconvention Francophone square ID : Conference Wiktionnaire - présentation Wiktionnaire: qu’est-ce que c’est?
Conférenciers : Noé and Lyokoï Bloc horaire : samedi après-midi Début : 18ː45
Lieu : Bibliothèque Durée : 1h
Description :

French Wiktionary is about to complete 15 years, but do you know this project? It is as ambitious as Wikipedia. Wiktionary aims at describe every words of every languages. Open to anyone, it became a space where collaborative lexicography emerge and the result is already much more than a dictionary. Wiktionary is like a shelf full of books with etymology, conjugation, rhymes, illustrative quotations, pictures, synonyms, thesauri, etc.
This hour will be a discovery trip into the diversity of French Wiktionary content. If you think Wiktionary is only definitions, you may be astonished!
This talk is for all audience, including people that doesn't know Wiktionary at all or people reluctant to this project.

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