WikiConference Yerevan 2012/Schedule

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The conference includes four sessions. In each session there are 3 or 4 presentations and after the presentation there will be open discussion. Most of the presentations are in Armenian, others are in English. There will be simultaneous translation for those who don't understand Armenian.


September 8 - Day 1Edit

When? What? Who?
9:30–10:00 Registration/Coffee
10:00–11:00 Opening

Moderator: Susanna Mkrtchyan

  • Opening speech, Tigran Sargsyan, Prime Minister of Armenia
  • Greeting speech, Manuk Mkrtchyan, Deputy minister of Education and Science
  • Greeting speech, Igor Klimko, CEO Armentel
11:00–13:00 1st session

Moderator: Vahagn Poghosyan

  • "Wikimedia Projects and Educational Programs", Ting Chen (25 min, English)
  • "Strategy and Tactics", Susanna Mkrtchyan (25 min)
  • "Wikisource. What, Why and How?", Teak (25 min)

Open discussion

13:00–14:00 Lunch
14:00–16:00 2nd session

Moderator: Teak

  • "Georgian Wikipedia. Achievements and Challenges ", Georgi Melashvili, David Asriashvili (25 min, English)
  • "Armenian wiki-Community: The real story", Lusine Grigoryan (25 min)
  • "Wikimedia Branches and Volunteers", Bence Damokoš (25 min, English)

Open discussion

16:00–16:30 Coffee break
16:30–18:00 3rd session

Moderator: Mher Bekaryan

  • "Some Questions on Language and Armenian Wikimedia Content Development", Benedek Zhigmund (25 min)
  • "Armenian Wikimedia, challenges and solutions", Murad Vardzelyan (15 min)
  • "Using the Free Encyclopedia in Secondary Schools", David Minasyan (15 min)
  • "Brief Comparison of Wiki-Articles between Armenian and other Languages", Narek Seferian (15 min)

Open discussion

September 9 - Day 2Edit

10:00–12:00 4th session

Moderator: Vachagan Gratian

  • "Why Editing Wikipedia is cool", Ting Chen (25 min, English)
  • "New Software Supplement: Read the Wiki in Your Preferred Orthography", Vahagn Poghosyan (25 min)
  • "Wiki(-fatigue) in Me: Is it a fun hobby, or a responsibility?", Teak (25 min)
  • "Informational Trustworthiness of Wiki Articles", Karen Komendaryan (15 min)

Open discussion

12:00–12:30 Coffee


  • Benedek Zhigmund, Armenologist and Linguist, Hungary
  • Bence Damokos, Wikimedia Foundation, Chair of Branch Committee, Hungary
  • Georgi Melashvili, Georgian Wikipedia administrator, Georgia
  • David Asriashvili, Georgian Wikipedia administrator, Georgia
  • David Minasyan, Anania Shirakatsi College, Head of ICT Centre, Department of Informatics, Armenia
  • Lusine Grigoryan, Journalist and digital anthropologist, Armenia
  • Karen Komendaryan, Author of Armenian Currency Symbol, Armenia
  • Murad Vardzelyan, Student, Armenia
  • Susanna Mkrtchyan, Wikimedia Armenia Development Coordinator, Armenia
  • Narek Seferian, Student, Armenia
  • Vahagn Poghosyan, CTO of Instigate, Armenia
  • Teak, Armenia Wikipedia administrator, USA
  • Ting Chen, Wikimedia Foundation, Fourth Chairman of the board, 2010-2012, Germany